Hanwha Group enters solar power development business

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Hanwha Group enters solar power development business
Publication: Hanwha SolarOne
July 10, 2012

On April 5th, Hanwha Group founded Hanwha SolarEnergy Corporation (“Hanwha SolarEnergy”), which is to be headed by Hyun Chung Kim, who concurrently takes the position of Vice Chairman at Hanwha Engineering & Construction. The establishment of Hanwha SolarEnergy will accelerate Hanwha Group’s globalization of its solar business, by producing over 1GW by 2015 and having an annual production of more than 100MW.

Hanwha SolarEnergy will actively push forward solar development in both domestic and international turfs. Plans being devised include joint operations with local partners, particularly in North America and Europe. Many strategic options are being considered currently, including joint venture and M&A with promising companies.

As a part of this strategy, Hanwha recently signed a strategic partnership with Solar Monkey, a U.S.-based company which is already developing and constructing solar power plants in the United States and Europe. Established in 2006, Solar Monkey is developing solar power business including roof-tops of residential, commercial, and educational facilities, particularly in the United States and Italy. A strategic partnership with a company that has such various experience and technology will provide to be a stepping stone as Hanwha widens its spectrum in the North American and European markets.

Hanwha SolarEnergy had begun a full-scale market search earlier this year in North America and Europe based on a wide variety of networks as such. Vice Chairman Hyun Chung Kim stated, “Hanwha Group is opting for a complete vertical integration in the solar business, from polysilicon to solar power development. When this vertical integration is merged with the Hanwha Finance Network’s experience in the finance sector, the optimal solution for customers to build a solar power generation system will be surely provided.”

Hanwha Group is actively investing in the solar business. Last August, Hanwha Group acquired ‘SolarFun Power Holdings’ a Nasdaq-listed company which ranks 4th in the world solar cell business, and renamed it Hanwha SolarOne. Hanwha SolarOne is planning to expand its cell and module production facilities which are currently 500MW and 900MW each to 1.3GW and 1.5GW by the end of this year. A cell and module facilities will be added in the Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area. Within the two-step plan for 2GW production capacity, the first step, of 1GW, will be completed by the end of 2012. Last March, Hanwha Group established the solar R&D center, Hanwha Solar America, in the Silicon Valley. This completed a solar R&D network encompassing Korea, China, and America.

200MW Power Station Opened in Missan

iraq-business news

Iraq’s Minister for Electricity, Kareem Aftan al-Jumaili, has opened a new 200MW power station in Missan province, according to a report from AKnews.

The new diesel-fueled station, to the north of Amara, was built by the South Korean company STX at a reported cost of $220 million (260 billion Iraqi dinars).

According to a spokesperson for the ministry, the Iraqi government will pay the costs in installments of 50% a year after the start of operations, and will then pay the rest over two years.

STX will also be responsible for the maintenance of the station for two years.

Iraq currently produces only 7,000 MW of electricity while the demand is more than 15,000 MW.

Iraq awards STX Heavy a $2.76bn EPC contract


South Korea-based STX Heavy Industries has received an engineering, procurement and construction contract from the Iraq's Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad for the development of 25 diesel fired plants in Iraq.   Under the $2.76bn contract, STX Group's unit will develop complexes capable of generating 2,500MW of energy. 

The plants will be located from the southern city of Basra to the south of Baghdad.

The company said the deal is part of Iraq's project to build 50 new power plants at a cost of $6.25bn.

STX Heavy president Lee Chan-Woo said execution of this contract will help them secure more contracts in Iraq and other middle east countries.

Construction of the diesel-fired plants is expected to be complete in 13 months.

In September 2010 STX Heavy Industries secured a $200m contract to build a steel plant for Saudi Arabia's South Steel Company

S. Korea's STX in $2.76 bn Iraq power plant deal


SEOUL — South Korea's STX Heavy Industries said Thursday it has signed a three trillion won ($2.76 billion) deal to build 25 diesel power plants in Iraq.

The company said it would build the complexes, which will be capable of generating a total 2,500 megawatts, by June 2012 under the agreement signed with Iraq's electricity ministry in Baghdad.

The deal is part of Iraq's project to build 50 new power plants at a cost of $6.25 billion, it said.

STX Heavy said Iraq has also expressed its desire to sign two other deals in a month for construction of a steel plant and a 500 megawatt gas-powered plant.

"The contract signed today will help our company win more orders in Iraq and other Middle East countries," STX Heavy president Lee Chan-Woo said in a statement.

In September last year the company won a $200 million contract to build a steel plant for Saudi Arabia's South Steel Company, its first deal in the Middle Eastern country.

Ben Gurion 2000 / Israel Tel-Aviv Energy Center


이스라엘 항공청(IAA)과 중견 발전 사업자인 Nordan Energy Ltd로부터 수주한 3.1 MWe급 STX-MAN B&W 9L32/40DG 발전장치 4 기를 이스라엘 TEL-AVIV 신 공항에 공급하였다.

2004년 3월 현지 시운전을 거쳐 이스라엘 TEL-AVIV 국제선 신 공항의 ENERGY CENTER에 설치함으로써 공항 전체설비의 비상용 및 PEAK-CUT 발전 공급 설비로 운용될 예정이다.

특히 이 발전소는 당사가 해외에 최초로 납품한 Dual Fuel Engine을 활용한 상용 발전설비로서, 비상시에는 디젤 연료유를 사용하고 상용 발전 시에는 저가의 LNG GAS를 연료를 사용 할 수 있어, 연료비 저감 및 대기 환경 규제에 대응 가능토록 구성되었으며, 전력 설비의 운용을 PLC(Programmable Logic Control) 및 SCADA에 의해 원격에서 할 수 있도록 구성하는 등, 국가 중요 설비인 공항전체에 전력을 항시 안정적으로 공급하는 설비를 공급함으로써, 고객으로부터 성공적인 발전소 설비 사례로 평가받고 있다.

회사는 이 Project의 수행 경험을 바탕으로, 향후 디젤 발전설비를 포함해 환경 친화적인 DUAL FUEL 발전설비 수요에도 적극 대처할 계획이다.

 주요 기자재 사양
가. 엔진 사양 (Engine Specification)
- Model: STX- MAN B&W 9L 32/40 DG 
- Cycle / Configuration : 4 cycle / In line 
- Available Fuel : DO & LNG 
- Power : 3600 KWm x 4 sets 
- Speed : 750 RPM 
- Overload Capacity : 1 hour 110 % within every 12 hours

나. 발전기 사양 ( Generator Specification)
- Maker : Avk(AvK Deuschland GmbH & Co. KG)
- Model : DIG 156L/8W
- Rating : 3,875 kVA
- Output : 3,100 kWe
- Voltage / Current : 6.3kV / 355 A
- Speed / Frequency : 750 rpm / 50 Hz

다. 주요 기자재(Key Equipment)
- Gas Pressure Regulator Unit 
- Engine Management Control Panel for Dual Fuel Operations 
- SCADA Control System
- Keep warm system
- Quick starting system
- Black starting system